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Moving Guide:

Moving Local

Check out these helpful reminds below when moving locally, so you don't forget anything before moving day!

Two Months to One Month prior to your move

-Go to your local Post Office and tell them of your upcoming move. Transfer your current mail to your new address starting on a certain date.

-Gather Moving supplies. View our Packing Guide section to see what you'll need. These are often found at Staples, Home Depot, Storage Facilities and other moving departments around the city.

-Use more food items/donate food items to the foodbank so there is less to pack and so items won't be spoiled.

-Donate items not going with you to Thrift Stores. Check your local area to see which is closest to your location. Often times, thrift stores can come pick up if you can't go to them.

-Sort/discard unwanted items and bring them to the correct location (Landfill, Salvage Centre, Thrift Store, etc.)

-Book elevator times, loading docks and other parking space reservations. 

-Tell your neighbours your moving. If you don't have a front driveway, we may need to block your neighbours parking spot out front to move you in/out. 

-Begin packing. *Please label boxes on top*

Three to Two Weeks Prior to your Move

-Notify telephone company of your move. Arrange a time when they can disconnect your line, and reconnect it after your move.

Notify: Electric company, Gas company, Alarm company, Cable, and water.

-Although we do have Insurance, check with your local Homeowners Insurance. Nine times out of ten, they do cover your furniture while in transport. 

-Make arrangements to disassemble larger items such as: Play Structures, Pool Tables, Exercise Equipment

-If bringing your Hot Tub, make arrangements to have a professional Hot Tub Company move it for you. 

One Week Prior to your Move Date

If we haven't already, give us a call or text. We try to give you a call one week prior to your move, to answer any last minute questions you may have.

If you don't answer, we will leave a voicemail if able so be sure to check that before calling.

One Day Prior to your Move Date

-Separate items NOT being moved.

-Drain gas and oil from Lawnmowers and Snow blowers.

-Isolate Chequebook, keys, cash and/or Credit Cards.

-Clear Walkways of snow, ice, or anything else between the driveway and your front door. 

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