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Packing Tips: 


Before You Begin:

Use the proper packing materials. It will pay off in the long run! Sturdy boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and packing peanuts can all be purchased at Storage Facilities, Home Depot, Staples and other shipping companies in your area. Other great types of reasonably priced padding for your boxes include wadded up newspaper, old pillows and blankets.


The following is a list of tools & materials to make your packing go more smoothly:

-Razor Knife and/or Scissors

-Note Pad

-Permanent Marker

-Boxes of all size (Medium Home Depot Size Box is average)

-Packing Tape

-Bubble Wrap

-Packing Peanuts

Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe Boxes are not known to some. Essentially, they are larger boxes to hold your hanging clothes! Or, in other words, a tall cardboard closet. Best of all, we provide them!

On the day of your move, as the team comes to do a walkthrough of your home, let them know you'll need to borrow wardrobe boxes for the day and we will set you up. This way, you can pack away your closets with ease with our wardrobe boxes and after the move, we can take them back. Easy as pie. 


Suitcases are handy to be used as boxes, though that doesn't mean you should fill them with small or loose items. They are a good for exactly what they're meant for...clothes! If you put your clothes from dresser into suitcases, that works best as that is exactly what they are designed for. 


We do prefer if you empty your dresser (and nightstand/End Table) drawers of your items such as clothing or anything loose. If you are unable to, we will simply take the drawers out of the dressers and move them that way. Though, we do prefer them to be emptied prior to the move.

Spare Bedroom Closet

If you're like anyone else, the spare bedroom closet is where the clothing goes that you don't ever wear or don't want to get rid of. The simple rule is, "If you haven't worn it in over a year and doesn't have sentimental value, you should probably get rid of it." 

Of course, that's easier said than done though if you want to save money, getting rid of the things you don't need is essential: this includes clothing. 

All other Clothing suggestions

For all other clothing suggestions or any further questions you have on clothing, dressers, or anything on said topic, feel free to reach out to us either here on the website or by sending us a text, call, or email. 

Moving long distance? Make sure that you have the essential clothing you need for your trip, as it will be in our truck for a day or two while we drive to your new destination. You wouldn't want to be seen in the same clothes twice! (Kidding, maybe).

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