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About Us

And Who We Are 

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Ruben & Christine Peters

Creators of RC MOVERS in 1998

R (Ruben) C (Christine) Movers was founded in 1998, by Ruben & Christine Peters, moving to Alberta just a year earlier from Manitoba. Starting local in the Okotoks area, they slowly moved the company up from Okotoks to surrounding communities and eventually British Columbia and Saskatchewan. 

Now, as of 2024, they have over 25 years in the moving business and are spreading their family owned business throughout Western Canada. Together, we are professional, reasonable and reliable. 

Jason Mundell

         Driver since 1999

Jason started for RC MOVERS in 1999 and has watched our company grow, like the rest of our family. From spending nights at our house when things got late, to bouncing our children on the trampoline, Jason is truly one of us. Ruben has said it time and time again, "Jason is my right hand man" and nothing could be more true. 

Every work place goes through their share of employees, but Jason has been true to our company and we thank him for being with us as long as he has. 


Darren C. Peters

Office Manager  since 2018

Darren started working for RC MOVERS in 2018, although being Ruben and Christine's second oldest, he has truly been around since the beginning. When you book with us, it's Darren you're chatting with, texting with, emailing or anything between. He really is the heart of RC MOVERS, running the company from behind the scenes out on the acreage he shares with his wife Lisa, North of Saskatoon. If you have questions, concerns, or comments, contact Darren and he will lead you through the most challenge time of your move. 

Who We are Together

Together, we are a moving team who proudly serve Western Canada. Family owned and operated, we try our best to make your moving day as least stressful as it can. Whether you're moving across the street or across the Country, we've done it and we know it's stressful. 

We're human too, but like you, we want to do what we can to ease the stress on move day. 

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