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Packing Tips:

Kitchen & Dining Room

Before You Begin:

Use the proper packing materials. It will pay off in the long run! Sturdy boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and packing peanuts can all be purchased at Storage Facilities, Home Depot, Staples and other shipping companies in your area. Other great types of reasonably priced padding for your boxes include wadded up newspaper, old pillows and blankets.


The following is a list of tools & materials to make your packing go more smoothly:

-Razor Knife and/or Scissors

-Note Pad

-Permanent Marker

-Boxes of all size (Medium Home Depot Size Box is average)

-Packing Tape

-Bubble Wrap

-Packing Peanuts

Pots & Pans

Always wrap pots and pans before placing them into moving boxes. If the newsprint is not large enough to properly cover the piece, overlap two or three sheets of paper. When possible, 'telescope' or 'nest' pots and pans together to efficiently utilize space. Lids should always be packed in the same moving boxes as the pots and pans they belong to. 


Make sure all box and bottle tops are secured before packing them. Generally, there is no need to wrap food boxes or plastic bottles in plain newsprint paper. Perishables from the refrigerator should be placed:
A) in a box and back in the freezer/fridge if you're moving locally.

B) into a cooler if you're moving to storage or long distance.


We are able to take wines, though would prefer if you took it in your vehicle instead. If you insist on us taking it in the truck, ask us on the proper procedure to pack full wine bottles in boxes and we will be able to help.

Dishes, Plates, Glasses & China

Multiples of similar plates, saucers and bowls can be wrapped together in one bundle. Use the paper-plate-paper method to wrap three, four, or five dishes together. Wrap the complete bundle tightly in newsprint, then tape it closed. This keeps it from unwrapping. Plates, bowls, platters and other flat items should always be packed vertically on end to prevent breakage in the event a box is dropped or jarred. Never place these items horizontally in a moving box.

Always keep the tops and bottoms of ceramic cookie jars or teapots together in the same bundle. If there is the possibility of an item being damaged, wrap them separately but pack them in the same packing box. Small glasses can be wrapped and then placed inside larger jars, canisters and vases. This may seem like extra work, but it is actually safer for the smaller items. 

Dining Room Items

Dining rooms differ, depending on what you have used to decorate in the room. As for the table itself, having it disassembled (the top taken off and the legs separated) will definitely make it easier for us to move. This is something we can do as well, though as mentioned we work by the hour so the longer the job takes, the more you pay. 

As for hutches, China Cabinets or anything else that may have removable glass, we will take the glass out and wrap each piece individually with our moving blankets on the truck. Going long distance, our procedures tighten depending on the length of the trip you're going on. 

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