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 Ruben & Christine 

Our Story

"We started RC MOVERS in 1998. RC MOVERS has remained small because we believe in quality, not quantity. RC stands for Ruben and Christine, our two names together to symbolize a company built off of hard work, dedication and loyalty. Being self-employed has its challenges and keeps us busy, but we always prioritized balancing family and business."

"When we started, we had just moved to the small town of Okotoks. What was a town of two traffic lights was slowly developing, and we were doing the same with expanding our family and settling down. Our company, our kids and this town have all grown together. We've seen hardships, challenges and uncertainties through it all, but one thing is certain: We all keep moving forward." 

"RC MOVERS is not just any business, to us, it's our life, our community, who we are and our legacy. We want you to be apart of it too and welcome you into our doors anytime." 

                         -Ruben & Christine Peters 



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