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Books and Magazines:

Books should be packed quickly. A 1.5 cu. ft. packing box must be used. Start with the top shelves of bookcases to prevent toppling. Books should be packed horizontally. Use newsprint to fill out any empty space rather than search for the "perfect" book. A packed book box will weigh an average of about 40 to 50 pounds. If this is too heavy for you to carry, you may wish to fill boxes only part way with books, filling the remaining space with newsprint.

Magazines may be stacked flat or on edge in a 1.5 cu. ft. box. Fill out unused space with crumpled newsprint paper.

Files - Lateral and Vertical:

The contents of all the drawers of a lateral file should be emptied and packed into moving boxes. The bottom two drawers of a vertical file do not have to be emptied, but all remaining drawers must be emptied into boxes. When packing the contents of file drawers, careful consideration must be made to keep files in numerical and / or alphabetical sequence.

Record Albums:

Record albums (vinyl) should be packed standing up in a 1.5 cubic foot box. Use crumpled newsprint to complete a box that has some unused space.

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