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Lamps and Lampshades:

Never pack a lamp and its shade in the same moving box. A lampshade should be removed from its lamp and packed in a box using plenty of cushioning material on the top, bottom and sides. For cushioning use crumpled newsprint to protect the shade. Lampshades can be packed in 1.5, 3.1, 4.5, or 6.1 cubic foot size boxes. Do not over pack the box with cushioning material that could potentially damage the lampshade. Always box lampshades. All fabric and delicate lampshades must be boxed individually. (Note: Some silk lampshades may have to be protected with "special" cushioning.)

Before packing the lamp, remove its harp and light bulb. Pack these parts together using white newsprint. The lamp itself should be wrapped in brown paper pads, bubblekraft or bubblewrap. The lamp and its parts can be packed either in a lamp box, dish pack or other suitable moving box.

Multiple lamps may be packed together. When packing fragile lamps or other items together, always place cushioning materials around all the items to protect against shifting in the box.

Remember: use "bumpers" (rolls of crumpled white newsprint) to make a base of cushioning three to four inches thick at the bottom of the moving box. Finish off a packed lamp box with bumpers if the lamp(s) requires it. When loading the truck, pack lamps in an upright position when possible.

Paintings, Mirrors and Pictures:

As a rule, based on the thickness of the frame, two pictures / mirrors can be packed in a "picture / mirror" box. Multiple, smaller pictures / mirrors can be wrapped in a single paper pad, bubblewrap or bubblekraft. Each picture / mirror must be insulated from one another. Never put unprotected items into any moving box. When packing pictures / mirrors, keep the glass face-to-face, with the backs against the outside of the boxes. A piece of cardboard can be placed between the glass for added protection. Use a box size that fits the pictures / mirrors.

After setting up the "picture / mirror" box, begin once again with crumpled newsprint paper or bumpers on the bottom of the box to act as a cushion. After the item is placed in the packing box, add additional newsprint paper along the sides and top to prevent any shifting. A properly packed box will have no movement inside. Label the packing box with its contents and room destination.

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