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Setting up the workstation:

A suitable and comfortable workstation should always be employed to prevent fatigue and strain during the packing portion of a moving job. A kitchen or dining room table maybe used for this purpose. This is much easier than bending over and working off the floor. Always cover the table with a furniture pad or old blanket before placing any paper or items on the exposed surface.

Assembling the moving box:

A moving box should be assembled by folding the top flaps down using the small tabs to hold these flaps along the box sides. Next, the box should be "squared up." The bottom flaps are then overlapped and taped in place. Always use packing tape--do not simply interlock the bottom or top flaps.

There are three ways to tape an assembled moving box:

1. Use three strips of packing tape, making a cross on the top and bottom.
2. Put one strip down the middle seam, adding a strip along each of the two side seams;
3. Use three parallel--but not overlapping--strips on and along the middle seam.

Identifying the box:

The packed and sealed moving box should be clearly marked on at least two adjoining sides with the contents of the box and the room where the moving box should be placed at the destination. As much as possible, mark the contents of a box on its sides rather than on its top. This will make it easier to identify the contents for each box at the new residence. Clearly mark moving boxes that must be kept on top with arrows or "Top Load Only," indicating that the box will remain on top when stacked in the truck. These markings should be used sparingly and judiciously only for boxes containing the most delicate items.

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