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Small Appliances:

Brown paper pads may be used to pack heavier and larger items such as countertop appliances. They should be placed in 3.1 cubic foot moving boxes for easier handling. If a brown paper pad is too large for an item, cut the sheet in half. Keep all appliance parts together in the same box.

Keep in mind, larger moving boxes can quickly become extremely heavy: try lifting a box before you seal it with tape to make sure that its weight is manageable.

Televisions, Computers and Stereos:

Before moving or packing any televisions, tape the front control panel closed. Remove or recess fully the antenna. Keep careful track of remote controls to any electronic devices, as these items are often misplaced during a move.

Coil and tie/tape the electrical cords on all appliances. Tapes and CD's should be removed from electronic equipment before being prepped or packed.

If you don't have the original factory packing for your expensive electronic equipment, you should not attempt to move the items yourself. Consult a professional mover for further guidance.

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