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     March 01 to June 01, 2024
    July 01 to October 01, 2024


Welcome to our contest page! Here are the rules: Go to our Home Page and click our Facebook Icon in the top right corner. Follow our Facebook Page and send us a message via messenger to say you've liked us! Congratulations, you're in!

So what exactly is the contest? Free money of course! Whether that's in the form of a gift card or a slight decrease off your next move, it's up to you! 

Talk to Darren for more details about how much, how to play, and any other questions you may have. 

Here are the Rules

1. You have to be moving with us sometime during the year of 2024. If you book and cancel before the names have been drawn, your name will be automatically taken out.

2. The first contest starts March 01 and names will be drawn June 01. Likewise, the second contest starts on July 01 and names will be drawn October 01. You will be called, emailed, or texted if you won and you have 36 hours (or 3 days) to respond to win your prize. If you don't, your prize will go onto the next person. 

3. If you don't win round one, your name will automatically be entered in for round two. Good luck and may the best player win!

For any further questions about our contest, please ask Darren at 403-861-9520 or by emailing us at! Good Luck! 

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