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Sweaters, Shirts, Linens, Light Bulky Articles:

Clothing such as sweaters, shirts, bed and bath linens should always be packed in 3.1, 4.5 and 6.1 cubic foot moving boxes. Comforters, pillows and any light bulky articles can easily be packed in the 6.1 cubic foot moving boxes. After the box is assembled, line the bottom of the box with newsprint. Neatly place the clothing or linens into the boxes. Never jam or overstuff clothing into the box. This could result in time-consuming ironing after you unpack. Place a sheet of newsprint on the top of the filled box before sealing it.

Belts and Bags:

Wrap accessories such as belts and handbags in newsprint before packing them. Always try to pack items in neat bundles. If not in their original boxes, expensive, designer shoes should always be wrapped in newsprint, keeping pairs together.

Hanging Clothes:

Pack hanging clothing into stand-up wardrobe boxes. The wardrobe measures 18x21x48 inches, and has an aluminum bar that spans two sides. The clothing is left on hangers and neatly hung on the bar. Do not overstuff the boxes, and do not pack anything in the bottom of the box.

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