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Moving Checklist

Print and refer to our handy moving checklist prior to your move: Printable version of Moving Checklist

One Month Prior to the Move

  • Notify the post office, current and new.
  • Notify doctors, dentists, and other service providers.
  • Order moving supplies.
  • Obtain medical and dental records. Ask doctor and dentist for feferrals and transfer prescriptions.
  • Set up a chequing account in your new city.
  • Make arrangements for transporting pets.
  • Start using up food items, so that there is less left to pack and possibly spoil.
  • Contact charitable organizations regarding household items to be donated.
  • Sort and discard unwanted items.
  • Confirm elevator, loading dock, and parking space reservations at origin and destination.
  • Make necessary travel arrangements such as airline, hotel, and rental car reservations.
  • Begin packing, clearly labeling boxes with name, contents, and room destination.

Two Weeks Prior to the Move

  • Notify registry of motor vehicles.
  • Notify telephone company.
  • Notify electric company.
  • Notify gas company.
  • Notify alarm company.
  • Notify cable company.
  • Notify water company.
  • Notify oil company.
  • Clean rugs and clothing and have them wrapped for moving.
  • Plan ahead for special needs of infants.
  • Close bank accounts and have your funds wired to your new bank. Before closing, be sure there are no outstanding cheques or automatic payments that haven't been processed. Collect valuables from safe-deposit box. Make copies of any important documents before mailing or hand carry them to your new address.
  • Check with your insurance agent to ensure you'll be covered throught your homeowner's or renter's policy during the move.
  • Have appliances serviced for moving.
  • Defrost freezer and refrigerator. Place deodorizer inside to control odors.
  • Make arrangements for disassembly of difficult furniture (e.g. jungle gyms, pool tables, and swing sets).
  • Remove all permanently affixed items you wish to take from walls (e.g. drapes, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans).

One Week Prior to the Move

  • Confirm date and time with moving company.
  • Provide moving company with new telephone number.
  • Remove fragile and loose items from drawers.
  • Notify gas company to schedule disconnection of gas dryers and stoves.
  • Complete high-value inventory form and choose appropriate insurance option.

One Day Prior to the Move

  • Consolidate fragile boxes in one area.
  • Separate items not intended for transport by movers.
  • Confirm telephones are in working order at both locations.
  • Refrigerators and freezers must be defrosted, drained, washed and thoroughly dried.
  • Drain water bed.
  • Drain gas and oil from lawn mowers and snow blowers.
  • Clear walkways and driveway for improved access during inclement weather.
  • Isolate chequebook, keys, passports, plane tickets, cash and credit cards.
Change of Address Checklist

Use this form to note the phone numbers of your new utility companies, insurance agents and other organizations in your new location.

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